TTC Journey

Month 1 – Cautiously optimistic.

Month 4 – Enter ovulation predictor kits (OPK’s).

Month 8Appointment with family Dr. Tests are ordered.

Month 10 – Testing, his and her’s. All results normal.

Month 13 – First fertility doc appt. First fertility yoga session.

Month 14 – HSG – tubes are open.

Month 21 – IUI#1

Month 23 – IUI#2, success!

Month 25 – Miscarriage and d&c. Back to square one.

Month 26 – IUI#3, and lots of reading. Start  baby aspirin, and give Robitussan a whirl.

Month 28 – IUI#4, chemical pregnancy. Also start accupuncture, have first (and only) Mayan abdominal massage, and do second session of fertility yoga.

Month 29 – Reluctantly start tracking basal body temperatures. Also start taking additional supplements.

Month 30 – IUI#5

Month 31 – IUI#6. Recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) testing, and his and her’s karyotyping completed.

Month 32 – Back to the fertility doc for consultation on how to proceed. RPL tests came back normal. DHEA prescribed and 12 week break from fertility treatments recommended, so DHEA can have results. Decide to proceed with IVF at that point. IVF will be done in conjunction with intralipid infusion and heparin treatments to maximize chance of pregnancy sticking.

Month 35 – First crack at starting IVF #1. Start birth control pills but endometrial biopsy reveals endometritis, requiring a round of antibiotics to clear it up before proceeding any further. Once it’s clear, new timing does not work as hubby will be out of town for planned retrieval date, and I’ve been on birth control pills too long to wait another week before starting suprefact. Stop the pill, to restart next month and try again. Round 3 of fertiity yoga.

Month 36 – Second crack at starting IVF#1. Re-start birth control pills after a week’s break. Finally make it to the next step of suprefact shots for suppression. Suppression check ultrasound on May 30th looks good! Start stims on May 31st.

Month 37 – IVF#1 results in 14 eggs retrieved, 12 fertilized, 9 embryos making it to day 5, OHSS, no transfer and 8 embryos in the freezer. Based on results of our cycle, RE concludes that both egg and sperm quality are great.

Month 38 – Ovaries back down to normal size, and after a few days of testing, bloodwork is also back to normal, so all clear to do a frozen embryo transfer right before moving across the country. FET #1 is negative.

Month 39 – Trying au naturel, hoping to get lots of exercise and drop the IVF weight in advance of FET #2 planned for September. Stop DHEA.

Month 40 – Back to pre-IVF weight in time for FET#2. Same protocol as last time, but we’re adding a steroid to the mix, and putting back 2 embryos this time instead of just one. FET completed on Sept 19th, positive result on a home pregnancy test on Sept 26th, confirmed through blood test on Oct 1st!

Baby Boy born June 23, 2012!

September 2013 – FET #1 for baby #2 (following two months of trying naturally while waiting for the FET). Single embryo transfer FET completed on Sept 16th, positive result on a home pregnancy test on Sept 23rd, confirmed through blood test on Sept 27th! We are expecting another boy on June 2014.

For more key ttc journey moments, click here.


3 thoughts on “TTC Journey

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey. Congratulations. Could you please share your IVF center in toronto and your doctor ? I will be moving there from a different county and it would be great if I can get some recommendations.

    • Sure – I was at Create Fertility with Dr. L. Feel free to email me at unfertilized.wp at Gmail dot come if you have any questions. Good luck!

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