TTC Journey Month 4 (September 2008) – It’s Time to Get Serious

By September 2008, we’d been trying for three months, with the same negative result each time. My husband was starting to get antsy and wondering what we could do to speed things up. In order to appease him,  I finally agreed to try ovulation tests to better pinpoint the critical ovulation date. Upto that point, my philosophy was that I did not want to do anything like charting my temperatures, or taking ovulation tests as I felt that those measures would just add to the stress and ultimately not help us conceive any quicker. However, I had grudgingly agreed that if we weren’t pregnant by now I would try the ovulation tests. For those of you who are not familiar with this process, an ovulation test is similar to a pregnancy test. You pee on it, and you get either two lines, or one line. I this case, two lines mean that your LH surge is starting and that you will ovulate with 24 to 48 hours. So it’s go time as far as baby making goes.

Once I started doing the ovulation tests, I found that I was ovulating a bit later in my cycle – typically day 16 or 17, rather than day 14 like I had thought. Maybe we just weren’t timing things properly and that’s why I wasn’t getting pregnant? Armed with this new information, I was confident that our luck would soon change.