Update – 41 Weeks 6 Days

This will be another “all about me” post about where I’m at with this pregnancy.

Last Friday (4 days ago), I went for a biophysical profile to make sure that the baby was still thriving and could stay in longer. The test is a fancy name for an ultrasound where they monitor the baby and conditions in your uterus to make sure that everything is functioning as it should. If not, I would have gone to the hospital to be induced that day.

As is apparent from the title of this post, everything looked good. As in really good. As in making me think that the baby was way to comfortable in there to consider coming out any time soon.

One of the things they look for in the biophysical profile is how the baby’s moving. I had to eat something sweet 15 minutes before the ultrasound in order to get him moving (tough assignment, I know). We were running a little late, so while we were waiting for the coffee shop next door to get my hot chocolate ready, I drank half an orange juice to kick things off. I managed to get the hot chocolate down before the ultrasound too, and in no time at all, the baby was bouncing around inside me.

Sure enough throughout the ultrasound, the tech kept commenting on how active the baby was. She also told us that based on the level of activity, she didn’t see him coming in the next few days since babies usually quiet down a few days before delivery. The other thing she commented on was that the level of amniotic fluid was still very good, and in fact did not look at all like I was overdue. Overall, we passed all the tests with flying colours.

Based on how everything went, my husband and I took the opportunity to enjoy “one last weekend” (knowing that unlike the last two weekends, this was really going to be it), and got in dinner, a movie, and our third Blue Jays game in six days.

Over the past week, I’ve also done a lot of walking, based on my Dr.’s recommendation to get things moving on the labour front (while going for 6km, 10km, and 5km walks in the last 5 days tired me out, it apparently did nothing for my cervix).

This morning was my last OB appointment as a pregnant woman. Even though I’ve been overdue for a while now, I still can’t believe that this baby will be here now in a matter of days!

In a nutshell, the Dr. said we are “at the end of the line” and it’s time to have the baby. He checked my cervix to see how I was going to get induced, and nothing much was happening on that front. My cervix is still long, it’s not soft, and I’m not dilated at all. So, the first step in the induction process will be to insert a gel that should soften my cervix and then we’ll go from there.

At this point, I just sit and wait for the hospital to call. Apparently they are very busy today, so it likely won’t be today, but I should expect a call sometime tomorrow to come in and start the induction process.

I can’t believe how close I am now! This is really it.