Job Search: to be Continued…

I haven’t been posting much the last week, so I’m forcing myself to sit down and crank something out. I’ve made it through my first month blogging, and learned so much in the process that I don’t want to lose steam now!

Life continues to be busy….and complicated! On the job front, my phone interview last week apparently went well. I thought it went okay, but not great for the following reasons:

1. I didn’t feel too “in the zone” right off the bat. The first question the employer asked me was to walk him through my resume, focusing on my accomplishments. So I started talking about what I’d done, but didn’t really talk about any stellar accomplishments in the first two jobs (I guess I didn’t really accomplish much?!). Then when I got to my current work I started to get nervous because I felt I wasn’t answering his question properly, so I apologized for not talking about much in the way of accomplishments (in case he hadn’t noticed!) and said that I thought most of my career accomplishments were in my current position (which is true, and is also the position most applicable to the job I’m applying for). But I still didn’t feel like I really sold myself well.

2. He then asked me some specific questions about my current position, which I thought I answered well and to his liking, but even then I felt like we weren’t really in sync (we would both try to talk at the same time, etc.).

3. And probably the main reason I thought it didn’t go great was because once he finished asking his questions, he just said “Do you have any questions for me?”. And I thought “Really? That’s it? So if I don’t have any questions this interview would now be over, and he hasn’t said one thing to sell me on the position, or tell me more about what they do?” To me, that was a huge red flag. I’ve found that  when an interview is going well (or even when it’s going so-so), the interviewer will spend much of their time selling you on the job, or explaining in more detail what would be involved. But here, there was absolutely none of that! I actually had about 10 questions ready for him (I’d prepared extra as I had assumed that some of my questions about the company and the position would have been answered by the time I had the opportunity to ask questions), so I went through about 5 of them with him. Here, at least he did give pretty in-depth answers which made me feel better, but it still seemed like too little too late to me.

4. On a positive note, he did say that it would be a good idea for me to have an interview with one of the other people in the department, so I took that as a sign that maybe things went better than I thought.

After the interview, I called the recruiter immediately (as instructed by him) to talk about how things went. I gave him my “Okay but not great” assessment, but that the potential second interview sounded like a positive thing. We went over the questions I was asked, and I couldn’t help thinking that the recruiter wanted to know the questions so he could coach the next person he sent over for this position. I also told him the questions I asked and how the employer had answered them (again I felt like this was just more research for the recruiter).

I raised my concern about the interviewer not selling me on the job at all, but the recruiter didn’t seem too worried. He did say that the employer was being very particular about who they hired, since it was a small group, so they were really taking their time to find the right person.  He also said that phone interviews were hard because you didn’t have the body language cues that would normally tell you if you’re doing well or not. Overall, he was very encouraging, which made me feel better. In the end I felt that no matter what I hadn’t completely embarassed myself (and the recruiter) and life would go on.

I knew the recruiter was going to speak to the employer that day, but I didn’t hear anything back from him all day. This again got me worried, since up to that point he’d been very responsive and in frequent contact. I was feeling like a bit of a loser – like I’d gone from hot commodity to pariah in the course of a few hours.

The next morning I woke up to an email from the recruiter saying that the interviewer thought the interview went great and that he was very impressed with me! WTF?? I guess the interviewer is just not a warm and fuzzy guy!  So now I have an interview set up with HR and the other person in the department on Tuesday.  Curiously both will be on the call with me at the same time, which will be interesting.

So then of course,  I went back to worrying about what would happen if I got the job and I was pregnant (I’d be about 4 months by the time I start)….with twins…and had to go on bedrest….or if I wasn’t pregnant, and had to do fertility treatments at the same time as I was trying to prove myself in a new job. I’m really trying to take things one step at a time, but it’s sooo hard.