What I wrote when I first started this blog:

I am a 35 year old Canadian female hoping that third time’s the charm for this blogging thing! This blog will be mostly about my infertility journey and (hopefully) path to motherhood. However I hope to also insert some random thoughts about other things periodically, as there’s more to my life than just infertility. Not sure if anyone will ever read any of this, but if they do, hopefully my words will bring comfort, or education or both.

Current status:

Mom of two little boys conceived through IVF, and four frosties in the freezer. I’ve kept this blog up as people continue to read it and subscribe. I’m not blogging much these days, but when I do have infertility related posts, will continue to post here. If you are on the path that I once walked, I hope you end up where I am today.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m catching up on my blog reading as I’ve been away the past few weekends, but I’ll be following your journey. I’m also a RPL survivor, (2) and hope that that this is the end of your IF journey and the start of your motherhood chapter.

  2. Thanks Jess, I hope things turn around for you too! Look forward to hearing more about your journey on your blog, I’ve enjoyed your posts so far.

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