Wrapping Up

I did not expect so much time to go by since I last wrote! I do have some unfinished business on here, which I will try to mostly wrap up with this post.

I did start writing a Part 3 to the delivery story which wrapped up a few loose ends and described the rest of our hospital stay. It feels like so long ago now, and I feel like it’s a little late to do a blow by blow at this point, so I’ll try to keep this part brief….

As I wrote in my last post, Baby Boy, while healthy overall, was not in good shape when he was first born. His hospital discharge papers describe him as being born “flat” – limp and not breathing, with an initial apgar score a whopping 2 out of 10.

It took two minutes for the staff to get him breathing. He also had to be intubated as he’d swallowed meconium that was floating around in my amniotic fluid. The doctors said that the meconium was a recent occurrence, and while he had swallowed some, it had only made it as far as his vocal chords and thankfully not into his lungs. His five minute apgar score was a respectable 7 out of 10.

Once things calmed down, the Dr. told us that upon seeing the shape Baby Boy was in when he was delivered, we definitely made the right decision to deliver when we did and that it was a good thing we did not wait a few more hours. Even now, three months later, writing this makes me emotional.

Since the pregnancy had gone so long, it’s likely that my placenta was starting to shut down, resulting in the problems that we saw. It scares me to write this and put it out there, but in a different time and place, without the medical assistance that we had, we would not have had a happy outcome.

[On a related note, the phrase “Babies come when they’re ready” which many people seem to throw around lightly infuriates me. Even while pregnant, when I heard/read this phrase, my first thought was always “except when they don’t”. I could write an entire blog post/rant about this (and maybe I will one day). In the meantime, let’s just say that my baby was definitely ready, and yet there was no way he was coming on his own. Somewhere along the way, either he or my body, or both did not get the memo that it was time. Okay, back to the rest of the story.]

Once I was moved to the recovery room, I finally got to see Baby Boy in person and hold him for the first time. I did some skin to skin contact and breastfed briefly, however he was pretty stuffed up which made breathing through his nose difficult, so the breastfeeding didn’t last long.

Shortly afterwards, we found out that Baby Boy had a fever, so he was admitted to the NICU as a precaution. As I wrote in my last post, I was group B strep positive, however due to things going quicker than expected, I did not receive the full dose of antibiotics before he was born. Therefore, Baby Boy’s fever was a concern as it could mean that he had contracted the infection, so he was put on a round of antibiotics for 48 hours until his blood test results came back confirming that there was no infection. In addition to receiving the antibiotics, he was also under observation in the NICU. Thankfully there were no issues and he was out in two days.

Throughout the last few months of my pregnancy, every indication was that Baby Boy was going to be big. This did not come as a surprise to me, as big babies ran in my family. I was 8.5 pounds when I was born, and my little sister was close to 10, and my Dr. told me to expect Baby Boy to be between 8 and 10 pounds. Sure enough, Baby Boy came through, with a birthweight of  9 pounds 2 ounces.

After seeing Baby Boy, the staff in the delivery room commented on his size, and in particular on his really big and round head. The consensus was that if things had turned out differently and I had actually gone into labour, a vaginal delivery would have been somewhere along the spectrum of very difficult to impossible. While Baby Boy got his high birthweight from my side of the family, he also got a giant head from my husband’s side (my husband was only 7.5 pounds at birth). Once the pediatrician measured Baby Boy’s head size, it turned out to be in the 95%.

So much for a quick wrap up, that took way longer than I expected!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I will not be blogging about Baby Boy or motherhood on this site, however I have started another blog for that purpose. For any of you who are interested, you can follow or check out at: frostymomma.wordpress.com. I have written a few posts there, but I admit that so far, the blog is just limping along.

I do have a few final thoughts on the infertility journey that I would like to post here, so expect a few more posts on this blog from time to time.


3 thoughts on “Wrapping Up

  1. So happy to see this post and the wrap up. I totally agree on the “when they are ready” BS. I have a dear dear friend who’s Dr. took that philosophy and she let them guide her that way….at 12 days overdue….she stopped feeling movement and delivered a stillborn the next day by induction. I was adamant with my Dr. that I would not go past my due date…after IVF we KNEW when he was conceived. And…baby boy must have gotten the message because he put himself in a breech position and refused to move. We delivered him via scheduled c-section at 38 weeks 4 days and I was totally okay with the whole process. Come to find out he had a true knot in his cord and a vaginal birth would have presented about a 25% mortality rate. So glad all went well with your boy with just a few hiccups. I will be book marking your new blog and look forward to reading it.

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