One Week to Ultrasound

I’ve had all sorts of things I’ve wanted to write about this week, but have barely had a moment to myself, and this next week does not look any better!

So since I have a few minutes, I thought I would sneak in a quick post. My bloodwork on Saturday went well – my beta was 340 which is a nice, solid number at 12 days post transfer (or 17 days post ovulation). I had a follow up two days later, which I was more nervous about, but that too went well. My second beta was 738, which more than doubled. Thankfully I did not have to go for a third beta. After two good results, I felt like I just wanted to sit back and assume things were going well instead of having more monitoring, which I think only increases the stress level.

While we won’t know for sure until the ultrasound, based on my betas, I’m assuming we’ve got one baby growing inside me, so we’ve taken to talking about “embie” instead of “embies”, and referring to the pregnancy in the singular.

I had a follow up intralipid infusion this morning (at 5 weeks 2 days), and have my first ultrasound booked for next Friday at 6 weeks 2 days. My clinic usually likes to do the ultrasound at 7 weeks, which I agree with, because it’s more definitive, but I will be going out of the country for business for two weeks as of next Saturday, so instead I’m having an ultrasound right before I go, and another one right after I come back.

The day after my second beta results, I treated myself to another visit to Pottery Barn Kids. I tried to buy the cute sweet lambie mobile online the night before, but the cost to ship to Canada was prohibitive, so I figured I’d just buy something from the store instead.

I bought a sweet lambie crib sheet, and a “sleep sheep”, which is a really cute, fuzzy sheep that straps to the baby’s crib and plays a series of soothing sounds to put baby to sleep. It felt almost naughty to be making these purchases, and my husband asked me a few times whether it was a good idea, but in the end I’m happy I got them.

We have a box where we keep the various baby related items we’ve accumulated for one reason or another over the years, so when I got home that night, I pulled it out and opened it. I actually didn’t remember what was in there, since it’s been over a year since we taped it up, but in addition to the things I specifically remember buying, there were a few cute little onesies, and most of my pregnancy books.

Over the years, we’ve actually accumulated quite a few of those giant pregnancy books – one that we bought the first month we started trying (which I’m sure is out of date by now!), one that a friend passed down to us after they had their baby, and and one that we bought the first time we found out I was pregnant. We also bought a book about what to eat when pregnant when I was pregnant for the first time, and it was that book that I pulled out of the box to start reading.

While with my other pregnancy, I was constantly reading what was going on with baby on every day of development, and I also signed up for regular emails telling me what was happening, this time I haven’t quite felt ready to jump into that yet, so I haven’t really wondered where my pregnancy books were. I figure once I enter uncharted territory, the books will be a huge help, but for now I’m happy just to know that something, anything at all is happening, without needing to know the specifics.

And that’s about all I have time to post for now! Hoping for another update in a few days.


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