Welcome Aboard MB!

I have been waiting for this day for months…after starting birth control pills for IVF on March 29th (which only happened after I’d been taking DHEA for about 10 weeks to help my eggs be at their best), we finally transferred one beautiful embryo (MB) today!

My lining check last week went great – my lining was “absolutelty beautiful”  at 8.5mm and exhibited the coveted “triple stripe” pattern, which meant we could do the transfer any time this week. I had an intralipid infusion after the lining check, and added doxycycline, heparin, and prometrium to the estrace that I’d been taking for the last few weeks. Last night, I enjoyed my last run and bath for at least two weeks (five if I’m pregnant).

Going into this frozen cycle, we had already made the decision to transfer only one embryo. I’ll probably write a post about this decision at some point, but for now I’ll just summarize by saying that since our embryos were high quality, and this was our first IVF transfer (due to the OHSS which prevented us from doing a fresh transfer last month), we thought it would be better to err on the side of caution and just transfer one.

Our transfer was scheduled for 12:30, but we were told to be at the clinic for noon. In order to kill some time this morning, I decided to do a yoga class 9:30 to 11:00, which was super relaxing. However, it was a half hour walk home, and it was a little later than I would have liked by the time I got out of there, so I sped walk the whole way, so we wouldn’t be late getting to the clinic! Oh, and my husband told me he woke up with some crazy neck pain that got progressively worse and caused shooting pain to go down his neck periodically, so he could barely drive.

At 11:30 (one hour before planned transfer time), I dutifully drank my litre of water to fill my bladder. I was looking forward to hearing how our embryo had done in the thaw. Since we had 8 frozen, I knew that if something happened to one, we had others we could try. I also wasn’t too worried, as our Dr. had explained that with the new flash freezing method (vitrification) that the clinic uses now, embryos do much better at surviving the thaw than in the past.

When we arrived at the clinic, our Dr. told us that our embryo looked perfect! The embryologist confirmed this, saying that it was as good coming out as it had been going in, and looked like it had never been frozen. It was a grade 19 blastocyst, which is super (our clinic grades out of 20, with 20 rarely given out, so 19 is considered very high quality).

Once we were ready to go, a picture of our embryo appeared on the large screen tv in the room (we took photos of it afterwards – one of which is shown on this post). I couldn’t stop staring at it – it really was beautiful! We were able to watch on the ultrasound screen as the embryo went in the cathether and the catheter deposited it in my uterus (though to be honest, I couldn’t really see too well what was going on). My Dr. had some music by Don McLean playing – can’t remember the song now, but it was mellow and relaxing.

At the end, the embryologist checked the catheter (actually two – an inner and outer one), to make sure the embryo wasn’t still stuck in there, and then we were done. I had to lie down for 15 minutes, and our Dr. said that the image of our embryo would stay on the tv for the next 10 minutes, so we could take pictures of it if we wanted to.

After the staff left, my husband and I kept staring at the screen. He took a few pictures with our cellphones, including a picture of him and MB together. I think both of us were pretty emotional. Finally the image of MB disappeared off the tv screen. After lying down for a few more minutes, I went to the bathroom to empty my bladder, and then lay down in another room where I took up my Dr.’s offer of some post transfer acupuncture. This took another half hour, and then I got my post transfer instructions and we were good to go.

My pregnancy blood test is on Friday the 29th. Technically, it should have been on Saturday, but since that’s the weekend my clinic is having me do it one day early, which is fine by me. I know the next two weeks will be stressful, and of course that we may not get the outcome we want, but for now I can’t help but feel happy and hopeful that we made it this far and that everything couldn’t look better at this stage!


5 thoughts on “Welcome Aboard MB!

    • Thanks! I also can’t wait to see what happens next, but am also going to enjoy the possibilities that the next two weeks bring.

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