Moving Update

I’m finally squeezing in some time to update my blog. The last few weeks have been quiet on the fertility front, as I’ve just been popping estrace pills twice a day, but have been very busy on the life front with our cross country move. I’ve had a ton of posts in my head ready to be written, but just have not had the time to sit down and crank them out.

Quick update on the life front:

1. End of June the packers and movers came and shipped our stuff away. The last few days as homeowners of our house here were very emotional. I cried every night after seeing our stuff all packed up, and then cleaning the empty house. My husband said he was glad we were moving somewhere I was excited to go, as he couldn’t imagine how I’d be otherwise! Both of us were so glad that we already had a beautiful house lined up for us in our new city, instead of the uncertainty of a short term rental and an ongoing housing search.

2. June 30th the new owners moved in upstairs, and we moved into the basement suite which we’re renting from them for July. Overall, this transition has been good. The new owners are lovely people, but so young! More on this in another blog post. It’s a bit strange seeing their stuff all around and seeing what their plans are for the house, but overall not too bad. We’re enjoying being in the suite. Calling it a basement suite does not do it justice – it’s actually all above ground and is very bright from all the windows. And it exits onto a large deck on the yard, which is really nice. We’re sleeping on a mattress we borrowed from our friend, and eating off a few old dishes that we’re going to give away to Goodwill at the end of the month. Our furniture consists of a few chairs that we are also giving away, a small kitchen table that my husband made right before we moved down, and some lawn chairs in the living room which we’re leaving for the new owners.

3. July long weekend we went camping to give ourselves some distance from being in the house right after the new owners moved in, and also give them some space to get settled.

4. The following week we went to our new city for a few days. Thursday we signed the paperwork for our new house, Friday we got the keys, Saturday our families came over to hang out in the house and neighbourhood, and Sunday all our stuff arrived bright and early! We had a late flight out on Sunday night, so had all day to unpack and get organized and managed to make the house livable.

5. Next Friday I’m packing up my stuff and the cat and officially moving! My husband still has to wrap up a few things here, so he’ll be joining me in a week and a half.

6. Oh, and my car was shipped at the end of June, so I’ve been relying on my husband to drive me around to various appointments since then. It’s been tough not having a car, especially as I’ve been going to acupuncture twice a week among many other commitments, but he’s been a real trooper. The car should arrive sometime around when I do.

7. Speaking of acupuncture, I just booked an appointment with someone in my new city for my first week there. I’d found a few clinics online that sounded good, though some were a bit further from where I’ll be living and working for my liking. I finally asked my acupuncturist last night if she had any recommendations, and she threw out two names to me (both at the same clinic). I went home and looked them up, and not only do they (and the clinic!) sound amazing, the clinic is maybe a 10 minute walk from my work! I think it was meant to be. In the end, I booked with the acupuncturist who works more days as I figured it would give me more scheduling flexibility.  

So that’s the moving and life update, I’ll save the fertility treatment update for my next post.


2 thoughts on “Moving Update

    • Thanks Lulu! There’s been so much to do with the move, but it’s nice to have something else to focus on other than fertility treatments. Good luck with this cycle.

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