Go Ovaries, Go!

I am now squarely in the middle of IVF! After moving at a glacial pace for months, things have really sped up in the last few weeks.

I had my suppression check last Monday. As expected, I was nicely suppressed (I figured with two months of birth control pills, there shouldn’t be any rogue follicles left over from previous cycles, so I wasn’t too worried about that). My antral follicle count was ten (five on each ovary), which as far as I can tell is not terrible, but not great either. To be totally honest, it seems to be closer to terrible than great, but is also expected given my advanced age of 35.

Tuesday, I finally started the stim drugs, so got to add Menopur (or Menoburn, as someone I know so aptly coined it), and Puregon to my daily Suprefact injection, for a total of three shots a night.

Saturday was the next big hurdle: my first monitoring appointment since starting stims. I was quite nervous for this one, because I really wanted to get off to a good start and have lots of follicles brewing, but I didn’t feel any symptoms of the drugs, so was worried nothing was happening.

I had no idea what to expect when the RE stuck the good old ultrasound wand in, but lo and behold there were 11 follicles on my right ovary (as always, righty’s the over achiever, going from 5 on Tue to 11 on Sat), and a further 6 on my left ovary. Both the RE and the nurse were excited for me, and kept saying “Go ovaries, go!” It was pretty cute.

The Dr. said everything looked great, and I am so relieved that everything’s going according to plan. I feel like I’ve got enough follicles in the race now that half could drop off and wither away and I’d still be fine, so it feels really good to have a buffer. I woke up this morning feeling a heavy pressure in my lower abdomen, as a further reminder that things are working as they should. Next hurdle: Tuesday morning monitoring appointment.


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