Lucky Number 75?

I finally started my IVF shots this past week. I cannot stress enough how happy this makes me, and how excited I am that things are finally moving forward and we’re getting close to having our first “real” chance at a baby in 6 months (and our first chance of any sort in 3 months).

Despite my excitement, I was a little nervous the first night as my husband is out of town, so it was up to me to figure out how to do the shot right. I had the instructions that came with the medicine though, and also an online video that someone had sent me the link to, both of which were super helpful. The only (minor) hiccup I had was getting the needle on the syringe, but otherwise everything went smoothly.

When I did injections for my last IUI back in December, I remember it taking me a few minutes to muster up the courage to actually stab myself with the needle. I’d recently heard a tip that doing the shots while watching the instruction video is a good way around this, as you just stab yourself when the online girl stabs herself, and sure enough it worked like a charm! Even now that I feel I can get the shots ready without the  instructions and video in front of me, I’m still watching the video to make the actual shot easier to do.

After a few days of shots and feeling like I was making progress, I tried to figure out how many shots I had to get through before I would find out if I was pregnant or not. It’s hard to know the exact number at this point, as it depends on the number of days I end up taking the stimulation medication for, but my best guess is about 75, of which approximately 50 will get me through to the egg retrieval, and the rest will be twice daily heparin shots until I find out if I’m pregnant or not.

Now is it just me, or does 75 sounds like a ridiculously huge number of shots to be taking? To put it in perspective, I don’t think I’ve had 75 shots my entire life to date, not to mention that I will be administering all of these myself in the span of about six weeks. So it’s another reminder of how crazy and surreal this process is. And it’s one more metric to add to my list of what it will take to achieve that sticky pregnancy:

1. # of months to conceive;

2. # of pregnancies before one finally makes it;

3. # of  fertility treatment cycles; and now

4. # of injections.

To date in our conception journey, the number 75 has not figured on my list of lucky numbers, but that has now changed. Now I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will take (only) 75 injections to get us to our next positive pregnancy test!


3 thoughts on “Lucky Number 75?

  1. I’m impressed you were able to do the shots yourself- I’ve never tried but the idea petrifies me! Just shows what we can do when we need to though! As for counting shots- I think it’s better not to know. Just one day at a time! You are on your way!

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