Silver Lining

Since my last post was pretty depressing, I thought I would write another one with some positive news and updates.

Despite being upset about the timing of my IVF shifting, one good thing that came of it is that it removed some uncertainty from my life. As I’d mentioned in an earlier post, even though I’m officially starting my new job August 2nd, if my IVF was successful, I was planning on letting them know I could start upto a month early, so I would get more time on the job before having to drop the p bomb on them (seeing as they are already waiting several months for me to show up, I thought it was only fair).

But with this new schedule, I will only be finding out if I’m pregnant or not at the start of July, which means that if everything worked, I would only be 8 weeks pregnant when I start work. So I’d have well over a month before I had to let them know, and I will have put in a good chunk of time before going on mat leave. 

The delay has also firmed up next steps if this cycle is not successful. Since a second fresh IVF cycle before I move is  now 100% out of the question, I emailed my clinic nurse about the process for getting a referral to some clinics in my new city in May, so that I could get in to see someone in August as soon as I move (seems to be about a 3 month wait). I had a few in mind, but I asked her if there was anywhere my RE would recommend, and she got back to me this morning to say that my RE has contacted a clinic for me, and if my cycle is not successful, they will see me right away to carry on treatments. It actually brought tears to my eyes to read that. My current clinic has put me in touch with the new clinic, and the new clinic is in the process of setting up an appointment for me the week of August 8th, which I can cancel if it turns out I’m pregnant. So, that is a huge relief.

As I mentioned a few days ago, we got an offer on our house two nights ago. It was a bit low (though nowhere near insulting), but we counteroffered with a higher price, better closing date for us, and a larger deposit request, and the offer that came back last night was very close in price to what we had countered with and kept our other conditions intact. So assuming the home inspection goes well and the purchasers are approved for financing, our conditional offer will become a firm offer in a week and we can slap the “sold” sign out front.

Another thing that this IVF cycle delay has done is messed with our plans for a housing trip to our new city. We had hoped to go in the beginning of June, but now that I’ll be in the middle of the IVF cycle at that point, our timing has been pushed back to late June at best, which means that we have pretty much zero chance of finding a place that will close in time for when I move at the beginning of August (my husband needs a few more weeks to wrap up here before starting his new job September 1st).

Since I don’t want to end up living with my mother for months on end while we find a place for ourselves, my husband got us on the wait list for faculty housing at the university  today. I am keeping my fingers crossed that  this comes through for us, as it will be a great opportunity for us to test out whether we want to live right there or not.

It’s good to feel like our life in general is starting to firm up and settle down.


2 thoughts on “Silver Lining

  1. Just catching up on your blog now. I’m glad to hear you’ve found the silver lining. It’s never easy, I know- especially with all you’ve been juggling.

    As for your DH- I’ve had those same arguments with mine. He never asks the questions I want- or ANY questions- never seems as involved- but I know they are there for us in their own way. In some ways, they balance us. (I can’t say it would help if DH were as intense and neurotic about this whole thing as I am!) I’ve really let go this cycle and let him do all the calls- and although I don’t get the info I want, it’s better that way. I feel more relaxed and he’s realizing the stress of waiting for those calls.

    I’m cheering for you. xxx

  2. Thanks Jess!

    I try to remember that men deal with all this stuff in a different way than we do. My husband and I actually had a good talk about this tonight, so feeling more on the same page now. I even quizzed him on what’s going to take place with this cycle, and he did pretty well, so he is paying some attention to what’s going on.

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