Deja Vu

My IVF cycle is once again delayed. I feel like every second post I write is about yet another delay, and this one brings my  total delay to 6 weeks. And this is after being benched the first three months of the year so DHEA can work its magic on my possibly crappy eggs. 2011 continues to be one big baby making bust.

I got the call about my 2nd endometrial biopsy results just before noon. The good news is that everything looks great, and I am cleared to start. The nurse said that I could start suprefact tonight, EXCEPT that my husband will be away for business from May 17 to 26th, and based on this timing, my egg retrieval would fall sometime the week of the 20th. So, obviously a no go.

The next best option was to start suprefact in a week or so to ensure that my husband would be back in town for the critical dates. BUT, as I’ve already been on birth control pills for five weeks, the nurse was worried I may end up being on the pill for too long and risk oversuppression. So, she wanted to talk to the Dr. before committing to a plan of action.

The final verdict came near the end of the day: I am to stop birth control pills for a week, restart them, and after ten days I can start suprefact. In other words, I am delayed by a further two and half weeks, and am essentially re-starting this cycle. An incredibly frustrating day to say the least.

Due to the this latest delay, I now know for sure that I will not be able to fit in a second cycle (if I need to) before I move in August, so I got the ball rolling on getting a referral to a clnic in my new city. As far as I can tell, they have a wait of about 3 months, so in order to get in for August, I’ll need a referral in May. I’ve had enough delays this year, I don’t want the move to delay us any further.

Speaking of the move, I have no idea now when we will do our housing trip, which we had originally planned for early June. May is pretty jammed already due to my husband’s travel schedule, and now the first part of June will be shot too, so I guess we’re pushed back to mid-late June for the housing trip. Looks like we’ll be living with my parents for the first few months.

In other somewhat related news, I got the word from the recruiter for my job that all 3 of my references were fantastic, so I am 100% in. Even though I go the offer last week, it was conditional on good references (I have no idea why they didn’t just check beforehand, seems a bit backwards to me, but whatever!).

In another bit of somewhat related news, we have our first offer on our house tonight. Our real estate agent should be coming any minute to present it, so hopefully it will be a good one.

That’s all the update for today. Hopefully one of these days I’ll get to start this IVF cycle for real.


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