May You Live in Interesting Times….

The chaos and craziness that is my life continues today, and it is only noon.

I woke up this morning to an email about a contract opportunity for me in my new city. The email was from a woman I used to work with, who is now very high up at one of Canada’s largest companies (well, I guess I can’t say for sure if they are one of the largest, but they are definitely well known and have a lot going on!).

Since we’re not moving for a few months, and I’d like to have a better sense of where we are at with the baby making before I commit to any sort of job, I haven’t started my official job search yet. However, after putting the feelers out to this woman, the current company that I do some contract work with, and having an opportunity fall into my lap  with a third company, I already had three warm to hot leads for work. I was happy that nothing much seemed to be moving too fast on any of them, as at this point it is only to my benefit for things to drag out.

Thankfully, the opportunity in the email today was easy to turn down. It was a two month contract which sounded interesting enough, but it started now. And I am not, and could not be available now. So, I emailed back that it sounded great but the timing wouldn’t work, and I got back an email pretty quickly that there would continue to be lots of opportunities for contract work with them in the coming months, so they will keep me in mind. Perfect!

As I was emailing about this, I had my bottle of antibiotics that I’m taking to clear up my endometritis in front of me. Now, I’m supposed to be on this stuff for 30 days, or at the very least until I have the results from my endometrial biopsy on April 18th. But even though I’d only been on them for 4 days or so, the bottle looked like it was getting empty fast. I had a closer look at it, and saw that it in fact had only 30 tablets in it, to be taken twice a day, which means that I only had half the amount I was supposed to (and there was no refill). At that rate, I would finish the antibiotics completely before even having my appointment.

I emailed my IVF nurse to confirm that this was correct, and sure enough it turns out that the pharmacy screwed up! I should have had twice as many pills, so I have another prescription to pick up.

In the meantime, I arrived at work to a voicemail and email from the recruiter for the position that I’d had phone interviews for a few weeks ago. Even though everything had gone well, I had not heard a peep out of them since the last interview. I assumed this meant that they liked me, but since I couldn’t start until August, they were continuing to look for other people to fill the position. This suited me just fine, especially as I was really warming up to a potential (very attractive) opportunity with the company I do contract work for now.

Sure enough, the recruiter said that the company I’d interviewed with did have another (local) candidate come up, but after two interviews with him they are not ready to give him an offer. So, they want to do a skype interview with me next Monday, and if that went well, they are fine with my timing of an August start date and they would offer me the job. Craziness!

I proposed that instead of a skype meeting, I could fly out in a week or two for face to face interviews with them (since my IVF cycle is delayed, my timing at the end of April is all of a sudden more open than I expected). This way, we could all check each other out in person. Plus, I could use the rest of my time there as a “pre-housing” trip of sorts, and see some of the houses that are currently on the market so we have a better idea of what’s out there when we finally do our real trip in June.

While all this was going on, my husband got an email from the Chair of his new department that just said “Call me.” As I’d written about on Friday, he is still waiting for the final approval to happen before he gets his written job offer, and the last we’d heard was that the Provost wanted to see the CV of the best female candidate for the position. So he called the Chair back, and found out that the offer is now ready (yay!), but the salary is wrong, as it is the original amount that was offered, and not the amount that my husband had negotiated with the Chair and the Dean. So, the Chair has to go back to the Provost to see if they will agree to the higher salary, and we should finally get the offer in the next week.

Life may be complicated and filled with uncertainty right now, but at least I can’t complain that it is dull!


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