Off Topic……Kind of

My head has been swimming the last few days with something other than infertility and IVF. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we will be moving this summer. My husband’s official paperwork for his job has yet to come through, but they have agreed on all of the terms of the offer, and everyone at the new job seems to know he’s coming and has been sending him congratulatory notes. So at this stage it’s 99% for sure, and it’s just a matter of getting through some red tape before it’s 100% final.

He will be starting on August 1st, and I expect to be available to work sometime in mid August. Given that this timeline is still a ways away, and we’ll be going through IVF in April, I decided not to start any serious sort of job search until May once I knew whether I was pregnant or not. In the meantime, I’ve been focusing on getting my resume together and putting the feelers out to a few people I know who could keep an eye open for some job opportunities when the time comes.

If the IVF is successful, I would be due mid January, and starting to show when we moved in August, so my thought was that in that case I wouldn’t look for a full time job immediately (as I don’t expect anyone would be hiring me for a full time position once I waddled through their door), and instead would hopefully ride things out with some contract work through to December and look for something more permanent after the baby was born.  

I also decided that if the first IVF does not work, I will do another fresh cycle right away, regardless of whether we have any frozen embryos to transfer after the first cycle. There are a number of reasons for this:

a) Money – At the clinic I’m at now we can sign up for a program where if the first cycle is not successful, we get a significant discount on a second and third fresh cycle as long as they are done within 9 months. I figure I will probably need another fresh cycle at some point, either this time around if a frozen cycle was not successful, or later on in the future when we’re trying for #2. So doing another cycle at my current clinic right away will be cheaper than doing a cycle later at a new clinic once we move.

b) Timing #1 – I checked with my IVF nurse, and I’ve done the math and I should be able to get started on a second cycle in late June, which means that timing would work well with our move timing. Worst case scenario, I can stay here a few extra weeks once my husband has already moved. However, if we wait until we move, I have no idea when we’d be able to get started again as we would have to find a new clinic in our new city. On the bright side, unlike here where there is only one game in town, there are a ton of different clinics we could go to. However, I have no idea what the wait times are, and what sort of referral we would need to get in, and I imagine the “better” clinics will have longer wait times, and I am so sick of waiting, waiting, waiting!

c) Timing #2 – The sad reality is that I’m not getting any younger. As it is, our first IVF will be with 35 year old eggs. If that doesn’t work and we do a frozen cycle next (assuming we have any embryos left) and get pregnant from that, our next child would be conceived with 38? 39? year old eggs, which is definitely getting up there and I think makes our chances a lot worse than they are today. I’d rather have any frozen embryos from this year’s cycle(s) on standby for when I’m older, in the hopes that they will give us a better chance of pregnancy than starting from scratch with older egs (this applies to whether we’d be trying naturally, doing IUI, or IVF really). I read recently that reduced fertility as you age and enter menopause is really all about the eggs. Obviously your hormone levels play a part too, but that can be manipulated through drugs, so if you have embryos to transfer, really your chances of pregnancy even later on can be pretty good (witness all of the celebrities getting pregnant with twins in their late 40’s and even early 50’s).

d) Familiarity and expertise – Not only am I used to my clinic, but based on everything I’ve read and heard, it’s a damn good one! Their IVF success rates (especially for women 35 and over) are really good, and my RE is very respected and draws many out of town patients. I’ve even seen this a bit with my care, in that I think he has been more aggressive with certain things than other Dr.’s would have been given my history to date. So I’m nervous about starting over somewhere else where the RE may not be as open to trying new things.

So much for a post about my job prospects! I guess that will have to wait for my next post. To be continued….


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