A Sense of Relief

I’m feeling pretty good today! I was able to sneak a peek at my test results from yesterday (I signed up for online access, so I can see the results as soon as they are sent to my Dr.) and everything looks perfect. Where there is a range for “normal” results, I am right in the middle of the range, and where “normal results” are below a certain number, I am well below. It was nice to see the actual numbers too, because my Dr. doesn’t tell me that, and after seeing other people reference their results, I have wondered what mine were. So it’s comforting to see the data with my own two eyes.

I know that many people struggling with infertility don’t want to hear that they have scored yet another set of perfect test results. While I definitely feel some of the frustration that comes with unexplained infertility, for the most part I am at peace with the diagnosis and happy not to have all of the additional obstacles that some couples have to deal with standing in our way. In this particular case, as I’d had most of the testing (LH, FSH, prolactin, thyroid function, etc.) done previously, a poor test result this time would not have provided THE ANSWER for us. Rather it would be a sign that things have gone downhill, and that whatever the odds were for us before (with the unexplained diagnosis), they were so much worse now (as presumably whatever is causing our infertility would still be there, but magnified by the new diagnosis).

So I am feeling upbeat and looking forward to IVF once my next period comes.


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