A Thirst for Blood

This morning I went to get blood drawn. Again. I have lost count how many times I have had blood drawn as part of this process, but between the pregnancy beta tests following my IUIs, the recurrent pregnancy loss testing following two losses, the blood taken for karyotyping to ensure my chromosomes are normal, not to mention blood drawn when I actually was pregnant, it’s been a bloody long haul.

The reason for today’s blood-letting was two-fold: to check my hormone levels and ensure I have no STD’s so I can get started on IVF once my next period comes; and to repeat the initial fertility diagnostic tests I first had done two whole years ago (most of these overlap with the IVF testing, but there are a few extra ones to do).

I am (thankfully!) not at all worried about the STD testing, in fact I’ve been tested for HIV at least twice in the past year, first as part of my pregnancy bloodwork during my only Dr.’s appointment as a pregnant woman, then a month later at the hospital where I had the D&C done for my miscarriage.

I have to admit though that I am a little nervous about the other testing, and hoping that everything looks good and we can proceed as planned with the IVF.  I feel like I have so much invested at this stage that I can’t imagine not being able to go through with it, or being told that my chances of success were slim. While I promised myself that I would only do IVF once I was emotionally ready to accept that it may not work (and in fact likely won’t work the first time around), I can’t imagine the chance to even try IVF being taken away from me, or having the cycle cancelled part way through for whatever reason.


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