The Final Countdown

 Well, there it is. The negative pregnancy test this morning, followed by the spotting this afternoon mean that I am officially down to my last chance:

  • My last chance to conceive a baby like the rest of the human race (i.e the “fun” way);
  • My last chance to conceive before my 35th birthday;
  • My last chance before I pump myself full of drugs to shut my reproductive system down, then put it into overdrive for IVF; and
  • My last chance to spend that $10,000 on something else.

The final countdown has officially begun. 

On another (yet somewhat related note), my friend posted a link to her online baby pool on facebook today, where you can guess the weight, sex, date and time of birth for her baby. She’s due the day after my (35th – don’t remind me!) birthday, and for some reason I have this sick compulsion to join the pool, and guess that her baby will be a girl born on my birthday, at the same time I was. Not sure why, but maybe feeling that connection to somebody’s elses newborn will translate into better karma for me?


2 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

  1. Awhh, thanks. I’m okay – by now I really have very little hope for anything but a BFN without significant fertility treatments, so I really wasn’t surprised.

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