TTC Journey Month 8 (January 09) – Getting the Experts Involved

Well, here we were about to enter month 8 of trying for a baby. I had been dutifully tracking when I ovulated for the last three months, and timing sex accordingly and still no pregnancy.  In the meantime, our 6 month baby making deadline had passed. We would not be taking a baby with us on our sabbatical, so now the plan had changed to having a baby while away. Once we got used to the idea, it was actually pretty exciting. We were going to be living in the United States for a year, so as my friend had wondrously said to me “Wow, your baby will be born in Obama’s America!”. Once we realized that we would be well taken care of by a generous health insurance policy while in the US, we were excited by all of the future opportunities we were bestowing on our future baby by virtue of its American citizenship.

Nonetheless, my husband was once again getting antsy, and pushing for a visit to our family Dr. to diagnose any fertility issues we may have. I kept telling him it was too early as we hadn’t been trying a year yet and that as a result our Dr. would just laugh at us and tell us to keep trying, but he was insistent. So we booked an appointment to see what we could find out.

We trudged in to see the Dr., and despite my misgivings, she was very understanding and did not laugh at us at all. She suggested that we could take the first steps in fertility testing – bloodwork for me on day 3 of my cycle to make sure all of my hormone levels were fine, and a semen analysis for my husband. While it was too early to get a referral to the fertility doctor, our Dr. told us these would be the first tests he would run, so if we wanted some peace of mind, we could do them as soon as we were ready. We gladly took the test requisitions, but decided we would give it a few more months before we got tested. Who knows, we might be pregnant by then!


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