TTC Journey Month 1 (June 2008) – Pulling the Goalie

I thought I would play some catch-up and go back to the beginning of when my husband and I first started trying for a baby. Then I can slowly work my way forward to where we are today. We first “pulled the goalie” as my friend likes to say in June 2008. For us, it was pretty straightforward – I wasn’t on the pill or any other form of birth control so it was just a matter of my husband not putting a condom on anymore. That part was so easy!

We had thought carefully about when to start trying, and had decided that starting in June would work well for us, as we were planning to go away for a one year sabbatical starting in September 09, and if we had a baby by then, the sabbatical could double as my maternity leave. While I had no reason to think we would have trouble conceiving, I was realistic in thinking that it wouldn’t necessarily happen the first or second month of trying. So, by starting in June, we had 6 months in which to conceive, which based on everything I read should be sufficient. I had no reason to suspect otherwise. My menstrual cycle had always been non-descript, with my period coming more or less every 28 days, and lasting 5 days, and I had no history of “female issues” of any sort.

So, we felt like we were taking a big step by officially “starting”. We dutifully had sex multiple times mid cycle, and then entered our first two week wait. While we were waiting, I was careful to not have even one drop of alcohol. During this time, we went to a friend’s wedding, and I even managed to stay away from the open bar.  Ahh, those were the days!

When the time came, I took my first ever pregnancy test, and it was negative. I wasn’t too upset – after all it was our first month trying, and according to our schedule we had 5 more months to make it happen. I was sure it would not be a problem.


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