Pregnancy for Dummies – An Introduction

This post is dedicated to my fellow infertiles,  as  it is the first in a series of posts that will serve as a useful primer for what you can do to get pregnant THIS MONTH (or worst case scenario within 3 months). Some of these tips are helpful advice I’ve received over the years from people I know (eg.”I tried to get pregnant for two whole months, and on the third month I did [fill in the blanks] and got pregnant that very month!”), while others I’ve learned through all the reading I’ve done (in this case, the success stories tend to be more impressive – women who tried for years and had multiple unsuccessful procedures before finally conceiving because of [fill in the blanks]).

I was going to give away all of these helpful hints and tips right in this post, but then realized that:

a) This would make this post super long; and

b) This post would therefore take forever to write and never be publishsed. 

So instead I’m going to string you along and list each tip in a future post. 

Just so I don’t come across as a bitter, jaded person in this series of posts (which I’m not most days :)), I should insert a qualification that I genuinely believe many of these things (alone or in combination) can have a positive impact on your chances and outcomes. The healthier you are, the better environment your body will provide for a growing baby. I’m a believer; you don’t have to sell me on that. What I find frustrating though, is that at the end of the day, all of these things (alone and in combination) have not been enough. No matter what I try, the end result is always the same – not pregnant.

If you have been trying to conceive for any amount of time, regardless of how you got here, I know that you can relate.


3 thoughts on “Pregnancy for Dummies – An Introduction

  1. ok. This really strikes a chord with me! When I was waiting for my second, every evulationg person within a ten state radius of me, that I knew, got pregnant! One of my neighbors even concieved spontaneous TRIPLETS! I have my own ‘virtual’ triplets now, my three close in age.
    But really now. During that time, did EVERY WOMAN IN THE CHILDREN”S SUNDAYSCHOOL WHERE I ALSO TAUGHT HAVE TO GET PREGNANT? (just one on on the list of questions I have for the man upstairs on the day that I meet him) (probably won’t be yelling it in that instance thought);)

  2. Thanks JPod!That is crazy about the naturally conceived triplets, doesn’t happen very often. I’m glad things worked out for you in the end.

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