Interlude: Thoughts on Infertility Blogging and Blog Paralysis

I can’t believe it hasn’t been a week yet, but so far I’m hooked on this blogging thing!

First off, I am proud to say that this is (much) further than my other two attempts have gotten, which bodes well for the future of this blog. Secondly, getting my thoughts on screen has been wonderfully therapeutic, even more so than I could have imagined. It has quieted the voices in my head, and shifted my focus. Now, instead of getting sucked into an endless loop of worrying, fear, anger and self-pity, I am instead grateful for an idea for a new blog post. Instead of wallowing in my misery, I work out in my head how to coherently describe what I am feeling. And once the post is written, I feel at peace.

My short term goal is to blog actively for one month, either daily, or at the very least every two days. If successful, then at the end of the month I will consider doing more to publicize the blog, and also spruce things up a bit. But, for now it’s just focussing on the baby steps (no pun intended) of getting my thoughts out there.

I spent some time on the weekend getting things set up properly on the blog and navigating around wordpress – changing the time setting, editing my title and tag line, finding a suitable gravatar, and playing around with tags and categories. So far so good! I also checked out some other infertility blogs to see what others were writing about and how they approached the topic. So in addition to the therapeutic aspect of blogging, it’s also been a fun (and rewarding) learning experience.

One thing I noticed was that many (most) of the infertility blogs I read had a timeline describing where the blogger was at with their  infertility journey. Initially, I hadn’t thought of including a one-stop “infertility history”, but rather figured that this would eventually come out through various posts. Already even with just the few posts I’ve written, I’ve shared most of the pertinent details of where I am at. I think part of the reluctance also stemmed from the fact that I was starting this blog relatively late in the game, so rather than unfolding organically over time, my infertility history would involve describing a lot of things that happened months or years ago. However, in reading other blogs I realized how useful the timelines were in providing a quick snapshot of where the bloggers were at, and they helped put the posts I was reading in context.

So this morning, I decided that I would include a “ttc journey” page on my blog describing all my tests, procedures, pregnancies, and other relevant facts. However, in thinking of the many turning points and key moments I would include, I realized that in many cases, a one line description wasn’t sufficient. Instead, I could see entire blog posts dedicated to certain pivotal months in the ttc journey. This brought up a dilemma, because what I wanted to do was post full posts on the ttc journey page about these months, instead of having them mixed up with my current thoughts on the main home page. But it appeared that this was not possible through wordpress. So, I was left with either describing everything on the one page (and having it be really long and difficult to follow), or having these “journey” posts intermingled with my other ones on the main page. Neither option seemed quite right, and I felt paralysis in committing to and moving forward with an option which could turn out to be the wrong solution.

Finally, however I think I hit on a compromise. I’ve got a first draft of my timeline up on the ttc journey page, and as time goes on will blog about each key month in a separate post, which I will then link to the description on the ttc journey page. This will keep those posts from getting lost among the other random musings. Then I will also include all of these posts in the category “my ttc journey” so they can easily be found. And the best part is that deciding to write expanded posts on each of these months gives me almost a full month’s worth of posts to write, which calms my fear of running out of something relevant to say once I write my next two posts. Bonus!


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